The Energy Racing Approach

Our mission is to train and coach drivers to achieve excellence. Our team works towards the driver’s goals, focusing on strengths and addressing weaknesses to help each driver to improve performance.

Our coaching focuses on everything from driver's technical and tactical skills, to mental and psychomotor skills, while stressing the overall physical fitness and ability required of dedicated motorsport athletes.


Energy Support Team

Our team of mechanics, engineers, data engineers and driver/coaches offers drivers the best support team to deliver success.

The Energy Dubai team is highly organized and professional, with proven track records in engine/carburetor tuning and chassis set up. We know how to use data and video analysis to perfect both the performance of the machine and of the driver.


In depth data analysis using the AIM Evo 4 data system, coupled with the AIM Smarty Cam for video analysis, allows us to interpret live data with video footage to help us maintain and refine equipment and to continuously learn and improve driver performance.

Professional, thorough equipment preparation, including surface table chassis alignment and engine dyno analysis, ensures that our drivers' equipment is in perfect condition every time a driver gets behind the wheel.

Management and Coaching

Our people make Energy Dubai the best F4 and Kart team in the UAE.


Paul Hardy

Team Manager

Paul was ranked 4th in the UK in Mini Max and KF3 as a driver, and went on to work as a mechanic for one of the UK's top kart teams - Fusion Motorsport - and gained further experience working for RL Racing Dept, another British and European Championship cup winning team, where he began managing drivers.

Paul's strength in relationship building and mentoring young drivers led him to continue on to manage and coach some of the top junior talent in the UK before relocating to Dubai in 2014 to put his talents to use in building the Energy Dubai team.


Richie McLeod

Team Manager

Richie joined Energy in 2013 and brought with him over 30 years of experience in motorsport.  A 4 time winner of the Australian National Championship, as well as a Formula Konige Champion, Richie has experience both behind the wheel as a winning driver and is also a skilled mechanic.

Proficient at tuning engines and carburetors, as well as setting up chassis, Richie has coached young drivers to develop their skills and win various Australian and UAE National Championships.


Sean Babington

Driver Coach

Sean began racing at age 11 and worked his way through the karting ranks to become a four-time British karting champion, also winning three European and two world titles, including the 2014 Rotax DD2 Worlds where he represented the UAE and claimed the country's first world championship.

Sean is both a driver and a coach for Energy Dubai. When he's not racing in the European and World championships he is on track using his ability and drive to win to coach drivers and help develop their skill technique and race craft.

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