Team Energy Dubai

History and Achievements

For over 4 years the Energy Dubai Kart Team has been one of the leading professional motorsport race teams in the UAE, winning multiple National Championships and becoming World and European-Vice Champions.

We are proud of what we have accomplished, our team is made up of extremely talented and experienced individuals - with a love for the sport - and it shows.

Our approach

Our focus is on developing confident, 'natural' drivers from an early age, that feel at home in a kart; initially working on the basics, and assisting the progression through the ranks, and eventually transitioning to F4 racing cars if that is the path our driver wants to pursue.

Energy Dubai uses the Mychron 5 system for data analysis and Go Pro cameras capture footage for video analysis to perfect and hone the kart performance and driver skills.



Energy Dubai offers a range of karts available for purchase.


Coaching is key.  We offer dedicated one one one coaching.

Race Season

Support and guidance all the way to the finish line.


On the Podium

Energy Dubai has won the:

  • 2015 Vice Micro Max European Champion
  • 2014/15 UAE RMC Champions
  • 2014 Dubai 0 Plate Champions

Get involved

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